The American A-250-WH Cremator features the largest loading chamber in its class; 45" wide x 102" in length. The A-250 WH is designed to easily preform 6 or more cremations per day, with and average cremation time of 100 minutes or less. Also featured on the A-250-HW is "Throat Air" and "Hearth Air” Control. Throat Air allows the operator the ability to effectively control and eliminate stack emissions. Hearth Air allows the operator full control of the primary chamber over fire air which effectively decreases cremation times. Additionally the combustion process is cycled and monitored by automatic temperature and timer controls which ensure fuel efficiency.

Maximize Profits

With the addition of the “Trilogy” combustion control & monitoring system you get the advantage of increased fuel efficiency, advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. The “Trilogy” system allows for immediate and accurate troubleshooting, decreasing and/or eliminating costly down time. American Crematory Equipment Company is proud to be the only manufacture to employ this technology.


• “Trilogy” Combustion Control & Monitoring System

• “Guardian” PLC, DAS & Touch Screen Control System

• “Aries” Complete Logic Control

• Combustion Blower “Silencer”

Available in a wide range of colors allowing you or our team to design a comforting setting for your customers.

Height 8’4” (2.5m)

Length 15’6” (4.57m)

Width 6’9” (1.82m)

Weight 28,000 Lbs. (12,700 kg)

Installation Clearance Required 8’ min. (2.43m)

Fuel Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Can be Modified to Accept Diesel Oil

Electrical 220V/60Hz/1 Phase or 3 Phase (Nationally)

240V/50Hz/1 Phase or 3 Phase (Internationally)

Maximum Fuel Rating 2.25MM BTU/HR

Panel Right, Left or Remote

Warranty 2 year “Best in Class”


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