Of course this varies depending on fuel cost, time of year, etc. But it’s usually between $3,000 & $5,000 to ship the unit from our manufacturing facility. You absolutely have the option of arranging for the shipping yourself.

Rigging Company

The Rigging Company (Crane Service) will remove the unit from the trailer, put it in place in your building, level it and lift the stacks to be assembled. Their pricing is usually around $5,000 but it varies a lot and you’ll be better served to find a local company. We will be glad to talk to Rigging Companies on your behalf once you’ve identified some likely candidates. We only charge what we are charged or in most cases, our clients choose to pay the Rigging Company direct.

Electrician & Plumber

You will need to arrange for a licensed electrician for the electrical work and a plumber for the gas connections. We are available to discuss connections and answer questions for them. Once the plumbing and electrical pass inspection we will schedule a Service Tech to handle the set-up and he will train your personnel on the operation of the Crematory. He will also certify 5 people to operate the crematory and they will be sent certificates to show they’ve received training.


We will fill out ALL paperwork necessary, regarding the crematory, prior to the unit arriving. Any building permits required due to changing or adding on to your facility will be your responsibility with your local city. You will need to sign the documents and send them in to the appropriate agencies, etc.


American Crematory provides a Standard Two (2) Year Warranty on all parts for our Cremation Units, Processors and Lift Tables. We offer a 3 Year Warranty on Specific Models coupled with Specific Operating Systems. All defective parts will be replaced at no charge and only labor charges will apply. A 5 Year Warranty is offered with a service contract. The service contract ensures your unit is being properly cared for.


We provide 10 feet of refractory stack (two 5’ sections) with each unit. In some cases you may be required to have your stacks higher or further above your roofline. Additional stack is $450/ft.

Fuel Cost Per Cremation

On average, the fuel cost per cremation is around $23.00. Each model varies a little but not significantly. We have records of some of the best operators getting their fuel cost down to as low as $13.00 per cremation. I can calculate the expected fuel cost by each unit but if that is necessary I’ll need more information, most importantly current cost of fuel.

Lead Times

At American each of our units are custom made. We do not begin the manufacturing process until we know exactly what you need and any specific changes you need on your unit. For that reason our manufacturing period can run from 14 to 20 weeks depending on the unit. We make every effort to complete units as quickly as possible but we will not compromise the quality of our units.

Service and Support

We provide customer support 24/7 for our clients. In a lot of cases we are able to troubleshoot and walk you through any situations that may arise. We have one of our highly trained Service Techs available anytime you need help and have Reps in the field if necessary.