Equipment Service: (All Makes and Models)

American Crematory Equipment Company services and repairs all makes and models of cremation equipment on the market today. We understand that when your equipment is down, you are unable to service your customers!! That is why American Crematory Equipment offers Complete Care Service.

Complete Care Service: (24 Hr. Service Hot Line)

American Crematory Equipment offers our customers the convenience of knowing that they have the ability to reach the right person 24 Hrs. a Day/7 Days a week. American Crematory Equipment is able to accomplish this by allowing our customers access directly to our executives and managers as well as our staff of highly trained technicians. We also offer a toll free “HOT LINE/EMERGENCY LINE” at 1 (800) 396-2254. American Crematory Equipment knows that down time is more than just inconvenient! Our goal is to provide emergency service within 24 hours for any problems you may be having with your cremation equipment.

Bilingual Technical Support for Service & Repair!


Planned Maintenance: (All Makes and Models)

It seems like there is never a good time for “downtime”. In todays competitive environment, it is imperative the you can meet the needs of you customers. Unexpected interruptions may lead to the loss of a key customer. Planned maintenance programs ensure an uninterrupted work flow and protect your customers. Benefits of planned maintenance include: Minimized Downtime Increased Productivity By Minimizing The Possibility Of Equipment Failure Extended Equipment Life Imporved Safety Monitoring Budget And Expense Control Pre-Scheduled Planned Maintenance Priority Scheduling For Emergency Calls Protection For Your Capital Investment

Service Team

Mario S.
Service Manager

Mike B.
Service Specialist

Juan A.
Service Specialist

Steve B.
Service Specialist

Steve A.
Service Specialist

Service Plans

American Crematory Equipment offers preventative maintenance service plans to fit your business needs and requirements. From basic to customized plans, American Crematory’s commitment is to provide the highest level of quality service and repair in the industry.

Service When You Need It 24/7/365

You can rely on our world-class team of factory trained technicians to handle all of your service needs quickly and completely. To request service, call 1 (800) 396-2254.

Bilingual Technical Support for Service & Repair!


Refractory Repair

From simple to the most difficult refractory repair jobs, our team at American Crematory can get the job done, efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves in meeting your every need. Contact us to see how we can help.

  • Floor replacement
  • Sub-Floor Replacement
  • Main Chamber Reline
  • After Chamber Reline
  • Complete Total Reline
  • Main Chamber Lintel Replacement
  • Right and Left Main Chamber Wall Replacement
  • Throat Area Arch Roof Replacement
  • Curtain Wall Replacement
  • Repair/Stack Replacement and Upgrades
Refractory Team

Jorge Mendoza Sr.

Jorge Gonzalez SR.

Cristian Mora

James Barone

Austin Burwell

Austin Vincenti

Jose Mendoza

Miguel Anguiano

Steve Angulo

Equipment Rebuilding commonly known as re-bricking or re-lining

American Crematory Equipment Company is considered to be the premier service and repair company in the industry today. American Crematory Equipment repairs and rebuilds all makes and models, and is committed to maintaining and exceeding our reputation as one of the top industry leaders when it comes to the repair of your equipment. American Crematory Equipment believes in providing our customers uncompromising craftsmanship and is extremely committed to using only the best quality materials on the market today when rebuilding your cremation equipment. American Crematory Equipment’s technicians are trained to assess the customer’s needs and advise on repair work with the customers best interest at heart. American Crematory Equipment is driven by total quality and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to do the job right the first time. We assign the right technician for your repairs and will never put a time limit on completion of repairs in order to “get to the next job”. Customer satisfaction is top priority for everyone in our organization.

Refractory Repair Financing

American Crematory Equipment Company is proud to announce we now offer our customers financing on refractory repairs of $10,000.00+. American Crematory Equipment can also finance repairs of $5,000.00 in some situations. Simply download the CMS or Financial Corp application, fill out completely and submit to our office, a staff member will then contact you and assist you with the financing process.


Request Repair

You can rely on our world-class team of factory trained technicians to handle all of your repair needs quickly and completely. To request a repair, call 1 (800) 396-2254.

Bilingual Technical Support for Service & Repair!

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