American Crematory Operating Systems

All of the American Combustion Systems come standard with our “TRILOGY” operating platform the TRILOGY system is a Siemens based platform that includes Siemens flame safeguards, remote display and resets, motor starters, relays contacts, actuators and butterfly valves. This system is engineered to outperform the competition and provide our customers with peace of mind. Our engineering and product implementation is how we can give a 2&3 year component warranty. American Crematory has the best warranty in the industry. Note: All systems do not have any monthly fee unlike our competition. 

Options for our operating and control systems are as follows.

American Standard

This is our standard or entry level operating system. It is an electromechanical or “Mechanical” system. It includes the “TRILOGY” operating system. It is a manually controlled system by operating the push buttons, switches, timers and potentiometers manually. The operator must physically control the cycle at all times. Comes with a one year component warranty. 

ACS-1 PLC & Touchscreen

This operating system is our Automated Control System or ACS. The system includes the “TRILOGY” system as well as an onboard CPU that controls every function of the cremation process automatically. The PLC is also a Siemens Platform. It incorporates a 15″ touchscreen control panel with excellent graphic presentation. The operator inputs the information into our custom designed “Case Builder” and the unit will perform all the operations for the cremation process automatically. The ACS also has a “Manual Run” feature that allows the operator to override the process if necessary. Comes with a two year component warranty. 

American “Instant Access”

This operating system employs all the features of the ACS-1 additionally, we install a Siemens Router and supply the customer with a tablet that has our Smart Client Platform. This system can be remotely monitored and controlled by the operator. The Instant Access allows our staff to continuously monitor the system from our office, laptop or smart devices. American Crematory can instantly access the client’s units with a click of a button on our end. This allows our service team to diagnose and troubleshoot and solve any problem at anytime from anywhere in the world. Unlike our Competition we do not charge a monthly fee for this service. Comes with a two year component warranty. 

Guardian D.A.S. (Data Acquisition System)

The Guardian D.A.S. employs all of the ACS-1 and Instant Access. Features include PC interface, Dash Board View of all production data, Production Reporting of daily, monthly and yearly data, Maintenance Data Reporting and History, Maintenance Notifications, Data Storage, and Web Cam Stack Emissions Monitoring. Comes with a two year component warranty.

ARIES Operating System

The ARIES operating system employs all the features of the ACS-1, Instant Access systems, and D.A.S. The Aries System has the latest technology when it comes to combustion control and communication. This system allows for greater throughput due to our “Hot Load” capability. The additional features include 02 (Oxygen) Monitoring and Control, Draft Control, Fuel Monitoring and Control, Fuel Cost Calculation and a High-Velocity Combustion Blower System. The Aries System also has built in pressure transmitters and a proprietary smart logic system that allows for remote tuning of the combustion system. The ARIES OS will truly make a difference in the capacity of your cremation equipment. It also comes with a three year component warranty. 

Note: All Systems do not have any monthly fee unlike our competition.