​Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Cremation Certified!

• Get tools, including forms to enforce proper cremation procedures.

• Troubleshoot problems with cremators.

• Extend the life of your cremator.

• Learn how to properly inspect third-part crematories.

• Calculate the return on investment of buying a cremator.

• Navigate familial disputes while protecting your business.

• Avoid pitfalls that lead to lawsuits.

• Document everything you need in case you end in court.

• Minimize problems when you make a mistake.

• Provide familiaes with added peace of mind by being certified.

​Crematory Certification Training Class Itinerary

• The morning will consist of classroom instruction, question and answering periods, and everyone will take a written test at the end of the morning session.

• The afternoon will consist of hands on instruction of the cremation unit, teaching everyone how to properly operate the unit safely, review safe guards, troubleshoot the equipment and provde a detailed explanation of the controls of the cremation unit.

• We will also do acremation with you as long as a case in available, and if not, we will simulate the cremation process.

• Once everyone has successfully completed the Crematory Certification Traning Class, Certificates will be mailed to your firm for every individual who attended the program.

Download Equipment Specifications

Human Cremation Chamber Specifications




A-350-HP Premiere

Pet Cremation Chamber Specifications