“Two years ago I was very frustrated with the service we were getting from our previous crematory provider. We needed work done and could not get a technician to call us back, thus began my search for a new provider. I stumbled upon American Crematory and called. Britnie talked to me and referred me to Mike Burwell, an owner who was most helpful. He was coming to the east coast with his family and said he would stop by to see what we had. We had a technician out within a few days and the experience went well. I was sold on American Crematory. Mike Baker went through our unit with a fine tooth comb and carefully explained to all our staff how to properly operate and care for the old unit.

After this experience I ordered a new unit from American. In the process we had an opportunity to relocate our facilities onto a memorial park. We purchased the cemetery and are now in the process of building a funeral home and cremation center on site. When I explained this to Mike and Britnie, they offered to store the unit until we were ready for it. That was a great help to me.

I cannot say enough good about American Crematory and the people who work there. Mike had been there for everything we needed, including talking with our local city officials about how the crematory operates so we could get approval to have one in the cemetery. Britnie is always prompt in helping us with anything we need and Mike Baker is our hero. The guy knows a crematory frontwards and backwards and loves his job. He is very patient and enjoys teaching others. We are luck that we ran across such a great “American” company.”

– Robert Nunnaley

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