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ACE Newsletter – Team, Tech, & Advancement

Welcome to the American Crematory Equipment Co. newsletter, a platform where we will highlight the exceptional work of our team members, innovations in technology, exciting projects, and progress of our company. Our team members have been the driving force behind our success. Their commitment, hard work, and unwavering dedication have enabled us to achieve our goals and stay ahead in the industry. We believe in recognizing and celebrating their remarkable achievements, as without them, we wouldn’t be able to serve our clients.


American Crematory Announces Manufacturing of Aquamation Equipment

Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation, is a newer alternative to traditional cremation that uses water instead of fire to break down a body. There are several reasons why aquamation is considered a good alternative to cremation:

  1. Environmental impact: Aquamation has a much lower environmental impact than traditional cremation. Cremation requires a significant amount of energy to heat the chamber and burn the body, which releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air. In contrast, aquamation uses only a small amount of energy and does not produce any harmful emissions.
  2. Lower energy consumption: As mentioned, aquamation uses much less energy than cremation. This makes it a more sustainable option that can help reduce overall carbon emissions and energy consumption.
  3. More eco-friendly: The process of aquamation is also more eco-friendly than cremation. Unlike cremation, which produces ashes, aquamation produces a sterile liquid that is safe to dispose of in the environment or pour down the drain. This liquid can also be used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer.
  4. Preserves bone structure: Because the process of aquamation is gentler than cremation, it preserves the bone structure of the deceased. This can be comforting for loved ones who may want to keep a small amount of their loved one’s remains.
  5. Safe for funeral directors: Aquamation is also safer for funeral directors and other workers involved in the process. Cremation requires high temperatures, which can be dangerous for workers, whereas aquamation uses a lower temperature and a gentle, water-based process.

Overall, the gentler, more eco-friendly nature of aquamation is making it an increasingly popular alternative to traditional cremation.

American Crematory Equipment Co. Recognized as one of the Worlds Greatest Manufacturing Companies

American Crematory Equipment Company was recognized in 2021 as one of The World’s Greatest Manufacturing companies!

“World’s Greatest brings people, places, and companies into the spotlight! Brought to you by the award-winning researchers and spotlight producers at How2Media Productions in Boynton Beach, Florida, World’s Greatest is currently in its 15th season and continues to captivate audiences with quality “edutainment” that entertains while it educates.” – Worlds Greatest TV

American Crematory Comes out with a State of the Art Metallic Recycling Program – R4

R4 – Recover, Reprocess, Recycle, Reward.

American Crematory’s commitment is to honor and respect the link between the natural environment and the dignity of being human. Through the R4 Metallic Recycling Program American Crematory  gives back to customers in a grand way. The R4 Program is considered the most comprehensive and streamlined metallic recycling process for anyone in the cremation industry. The American Crematory App is where you’ll find the R4 Program. After downloading the mobile application, you simply create your R4 profile and an American Crematory representative contacts you for startup support. Earn rewards over time and apply your credits as you wish! All through your mobile device. They also provide an array of supporting video material that you can access from the “American Crematory” YouTube channel or directly on the app under the “Tutorials” section. American Crematory’s solutions through technology are truly remarkable.

American Crematory Equipment Is Considered Premier by Many in the Cremation Industry – Customer Account Below

“Two years ago I was very frustrated with the service we were getting from our previous crematory provider. We needed work done and could not get a technician to call us back, thus began my search for a new provider. I stumbled upon American Crematory and called. Britnie talked to me and referred me to Mike Burwell, an owner who was most helpful. He was coming to the east coast with his family and said he would stop by to see what we had. We had a technician out within a few days and the experience went well. I was sold on American Crematory. Mike Baker went through our unit with a fine tooth comb and carefully explained to all our staff how to properly operate and care for the old unit.

After this experience I ordered a new unit from American. In the process we had an opportunity to relocate our facilities onto a memorial park. We purchased the cemetery and are now in the process of building a funeral home and cremation center on site. When I explained this to Mike and Britnie, they offered to store the unit until we were ready for it. That was a great help to me.

I cannot say enough good about American Crematory and the people who work there. Mike had been there for everything we needed, including talking with our local city officials about how the crematory operates so we could get approval to have one in the cemetery. Britnie is always prompt in helping us with anything we need and Mike Baker is our hero. The guy knows a crematory frontwards and backwards and loves his job. He is very patient and enjoys teaching others. We are luck that we ran across such a great “American” company.”

– Robert Nunnaley

Project Life Cycle – American Crematory Equipment Co.

American Crematory is the industry leader in efficient and effective project management. The cremation home build out process can seem daunting but with our team of experts and over 40 years of experience we’ve developed a streamlined process. From beginning to end, we’ll take care of your investment. Check out these brand new A-350s being placed at one of the largest cemeteries in the world, Rose Hills.

The American Difference – Operating Systems

Tune in and learn about the differences in American Crematory Equipment Co.’s operating systems.

There are 5 options:

1. American Standard

2. ACS-1 PLC & Touchscreen

3. American “Instant Access”

4. Guardian D.A.S. (Data Acquisition System)

5. ARIES Operating System

All operating systems do not have a monthly fee, unlike our competition.