R4 – Recover, Reprocess, Recycle, Reward.

American Crematory’s commitment is to honor and respect the link between the natural environment and the dignity of being human. Through the R4 Metallic Recycling Program American Crematory  gives back to customers in a grand way. The R4 Program is considered the most comprehensive and streamlined metallic recycling process for anyone in the cremation industry. The American Crematory App is where you’ll find the R4 Program. After downloading the mobile application, you simply create your R4 profile and an American Crematory representative contacts you for startup support. Earn rewards over time and apply your credits as you wish! All through your mobile device. They also provide an array of supporting video material that you can access from the “American Crematory” YouTube channel or directly on the app under the “Tutorials” section. American Crematory’s solutions through technology are truly remarkable.

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