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The American Difference – Operating Systems

Tune in and learn about the differences in American Crematory Equipment Co.’s operating systems.

There are 5 options:

1. American Standard

2. ACS-1 PLC & Touchscreen

3. American “Instant Access”

4. Guardian D.A.S. (Data Acquisition System)

5. ARIES Operating System

All operating systems do not have a monthly fee, unlike our competition.

COVID -19 | Safety is the Number One Priority

Mike Burwell, CEO of American Crematory Equipment Co., reiterates the importance of following social distancing practices and procedures. Your safety and our safety is the number one priority.

“Mortuary, funeral and embalming services are considered “Essential Businesses” under the current Health Officer Order. The care, preservation, and burial or cremation of decedents is essential.”

–  Los Angeles County of Public Health

American Crematory Equipment Co. Releases “The American Difference” YouTube Series

The American Difference YouTube series was produced to show the difference in quality from American Crematory Equipment to its competitors equipment. A total of 5 episodes were released touching on different aspects that go into manufacturing a cremation unit. The episodes talked about these 5 elements: Siemens Control Panel, Refractory, Branded Products, Steel Framing, and Components.


Veri-Flame Burner Control Discontinued

The Veri-Flame burner control has been discontinued. Through countless hours of research we’ve found a like for like product which we stand behind. The new Fireye burner control is ready to be installed in your cremation unit. We also have the ability to upgrade your unit with a Siemens operating system. The Siemens product is the most highly advanced system in the cremation industry and comes with some of the best warranties in the business. Contact us today and schedule your upgrade.